Cold Weather Moto Gear - Part 1: Helmets and Helmet Accessories

December 12, 2017 - 7:23 PM


How to Stay Warm and Keep Riding This Winter.

If you live in a northern latititude dirt bike riding pretty much comes to a standstill this time of the year. And unless you're a diehard, ride-no-matter-what-conditions kind of guy or gal, your dirt bike may have taken up a lonely parking spot in the garage until the first signs of spring appear. But it doesn’t have to be that way—especially if you choose the right equipment.

With the right apparel choices riding in the winter can be fun; a respite from the summertime grind and even bring about a fresh perspective that puts a smile on your face—especially if you’re suffering from the wintertime blues.

With winter riding in mind, the following is part one of a four-part series focused on cold weather riding gear. In each part we rundown products that FLY Racing recommends for cold weather riding. Such as choosing the right gloves, base and mid-layers, jersey and jacket choices, and so on. The idea is to show you that just because winter is here it doesn’t mean riding your dirt bike has to come to a halt.

First up in part one of the series: Helmets and Helmet Accessories for cold weather riding.

Helmets and Helmet Accessories

Helmets are an area of cold weather riding that at first may seem like there’s little that can done to keep warm beyond a bit of duct tape over the vents. But FLY Racing addresses cold weather riding in a number of ways through cold-weather-specific helmets and accessories that make a big difference.


FLY Racing makes a range of cold-weather-specific helmets. These include the entry-level DOT/ECE approved Elite Cold Weather Interlace, and the upper mid-level priced F2 Carbon Forge Cold Weather Snell M2010 model. Both models come standard with a removable breath deflector, whereas the F2 Carbon Cold Weather helmet also comes standard with a cold weather plug kit.

F2 Carbon Forge Cold Weather helmet with breath deflector.


Elite Cold Weather Interlace helmet with breath deflector installed.

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If you already own a FLY Racing Kinetic, F2 Carbon, or Formula helmet you can quickly and easily setup your helmet for cold weather riding with the addition of a breath deflector. The breath deflector is designed to keep cold air and debris (such as snow) off of your face, as well as cover exposed skin areas that can result in frostbite or windburn. The breath deflector also serves a secondary purpose, as it helps prevent goggle fogging by directing warm moist breath downwards and away from the goggles. FLY Racing breath deflectors are a simple and inexpensive way to make cold weather riding more comfortable.

F2 Carbon and Formula Breath Guard

F2 Carbon/Formula Breath Guard - $9.95 [Part #73-4800]


Kinetic/Aurora Helmet Breath Guard

Kinetic/Aurora Helmet Breath Guard - $9.95 [Part # 73-4810]


Elite Breathbox Cold Weather Kit- $19.95 [Part # 73-48260]


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The F2 Carbon Cold Weather helmet adds an extra level of cold weather protection through its included cold weather plug kit. The Cold Weather Plug Kit allows the wearer to remove the helmet’s interior comfort liner and plug the vent holes in the flow through EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner to prevent the massive airflow the standard F2 Carbon helmet is renowned for. 

If you already own a FLY Racing F2 Carbon or Formula motocross helmet, you can order up this plug kit and install it in your helmet.  Paired with the breath deflector, you’ll have the ultimate cold weather setup for your F2 Carbon or Formula helmet.

F2 Carbon and Formula Cold Weather Plug Kit

F2 Carbon/Formula Cold Weather Plug Kit  - $16.95 [Part #73-4509]  


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A balaclava is an excellent way to keep your face warm and add another level of warmth to your head and neck. These lightweight face masks effectively protect the wearer from cold without inside heat build-up. Soft against the face and neck, the form-fitting masks cover the entire head and neck, thin enough to not interfere with the wearing of a helmet. The balaclava can worn with or without the addition of a helmet breath box depending upon the level of warmth you’d like.

Ignitor Balaclava – $29.95


Lightweight Balaclavas (Cotton/poly or Rayon) – $5.95-6.50.

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In Part 2: Cold Weather Gloves and Socks