Cold Weather Moto Gear - Part 2: Gloves and Socks

December 19, 2017 - 4:14 PM


How to Stay Warm and Keep Riding This Winter.

Part two of our cold weather dirt bike riding apparel series focuses on gloves and socks. Keeping your extremities warm when riding in cold weather is a common problem; and like setting up your helmet with the proper cold weather accessories, your glove and sock choices can mean the difference between a day of fun—or a day to forget. Choosing the right gloves and socks for the situation is a simple way to combat cold temperatures and increase your level of comfort.



With its single-layer palm and standard motocross glove length, the 907 is a perfect choice for cold weather MX and offroad racing and/or riding. Neoprene construction (think wet suit material) provides a snug fit and a water-resistant layer of protection that still allows you to maintain a good feel on the grips and levers. The 907 is the ideal glove for winter motocross or offroad (with or without hand guards) and will keep your hands and fingers toasty warm.


907 Cold Weather Glove | Retail Price: $29.95

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Like the 907, the Title is a motocross-style glove that’s been purpose-built for cold weather riding. However, the Title takes it up a notch through its use of a waterproof, windproof, breathable HIPORA® membrane designed to keep water from entering the glove; while at the same time allows sweat to exit. The Title features a Thinsulate™ insulated top designed to trap air molecules between you and the outside elements, which creates a layer of insulation for the tops of your hands. As an added bonus, the Title features touch-screen fingertip technology that’s compatible with most smart phones, GPS units, and other hand-held devices.

Title Cold Weather Glove | Retail Price: $59.95

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If you are looking for the most lightweight minimalist glove for cold weather the Lite Windproof is the right choice. Lightweight windproof fabric on the back of hand, fingers, and fourchettes make this an ideal glove for high-intensity in cooler weather. Single layer, perforated synthetic leather palms exhaust heat and provide a lightweight feel on grips and levers.

Lite Windproof Cold Weather Glove | Retail Price: $29.95

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Just like hands and fingers, it can be hard to keep your feet (and more specifically toes) warm during winter riding. FLY Racing make a thick sock made with Coolmax to help wick sweat and keep your feet dry and warm. Durable ultra-weave construction and a stretch-to-fit sizing system delivers a perfect fit. The result is a sock that keeps your feet dry (and therefore warm) in cold conditions.

MX Pro Thick Sock | Retail Price: $19.95

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