Fly Racing 2017 MXGP Preview

February 22, 2017 - 11:03 PM

All Photos courtesy of: Yamaha MXGP & Wilvo Yamaha.

Qatar, which will act as the first round of eighteen MXGPs, is just days away. Although the setting in Qatar is an unorthodox one, Shaun Simpson enjoyed success there in FLY Racing apparel just twelve months ago. The Scotsman strikes fear into the hearts of competitors when the series arrives at a sandy venue, but is a threat for positions inside of the top five on all surfaces. A fifth and seventh in the two motos last year left him sixth overall at the opener and with a strong base to build off of.

Shaun Simpson [24] is ready for a strong MXGP season aboard his Wilvo Yamaha.

Simpson, a three-time MXGP winner, is confident that he can achieve more this year, thanks to a revised training program. “If I stay injury free, I should be in the best condition of my career,” he offered up during the off-season. Although an illness hindered him at the first round of the Italian Motocross Championship at the end of January, he’ll enter Qatar at 100 percent. A seventh overall at a French international, LaCapelle Marival, was a pre-season highlight.

Arnaud Tonus was just one spot ahead of his teammate at that French race, which was his second and final pre-season outing. The Swiss pilot, who will be benefit from the protection and comfort that FLY Racing offers, cracked the top ten at that first Italian event also. Although he has limited experience in the Qatari desert, he is poised to achieve his various goals when the series fires into life on Friday.

Arnaud Tonus [4] lines-up in MXGP following two seasons in the United States.

“I am just looking forward to Qatar and being up front in MXGP,” stated Arnaud Tonus whilst looking ahead to the first FIM Motocross World Championship round. Tonus, who will tackle the series following two seasons in the United States, will sit alongside Shaun Simpson beneath the Wilvo Yamaha team awning.

The first FIM Motocross World Championship round can be viewed on various platforms around the world. The first moto of the new season will begin at 17:00 (local time) on Saturday evening. Following is a list of FLY Racing MXGP riders that will line-up this weekend for the first round in Qatar: