FLY Roller Grande Bag: "Room For Everything"

April 12, 2017 - 2:57 PM

A good travel bag is much more than a piece of equipment that holds your stuff, it's an investment to keep gear protected against baggage handlers.

The FLY Roller Grande Bag is used extensively by our own staff who regularly travel the world with expensive equipment that wouldn't survive in a cheap duffle bag.

FLY Racing is happy that the folks over at feel the same way about the Roller Grande Bag as we do after they packed it full of gear and traveled to Europe.

"So far, it has survived on numerous occasions the rigors of baggage handlers across the United States and Western Europe without fail. And when running to your connection flight, you’ll be able to easily tow the Roller Grande from its telescoping handle," reviewer Nic de Sena wrote.

Read the entire review HERE.

Interested in buying the bag from FLY directly? Click HERE.