Girl Talk: WMX Wrap-Up

July 8, 2013 - 9:39 PM

FLY Racing designer, and WMX pro racer, April Zastrow shares what it's like to work in the motorcycle industry while simultaneouly racing pro motocross. Here is her latest installment to her Vurb Moto Blog:
Well it is sad to say that the WMX season is already over and I am not even entirely sure if it will be back next year. The three races this year were bitter sweet for me. It was great to just have an opportunity to race national tracks again, but I was also sad to not be able to run more of my favorite tracks. It is hard to describe the difference between being able to race at a national compared to even racing the same track when it is not during a national. The tracks are just so pristine on a national day that it doesn’t matter how rough and rutted it was at the end of the day, it was still a different kind of rough and rutted compared to any other day.
Even though our series was cut so short, we had quite the turnout at each round with very talented women. The class is not as spread out as it use to be years ago, there are a lot more faster women now who are making the racing even better to watch. We had about 35-37 women show up for Hangtown and High Point, but if I am not mistaken and to my knowledge it was a record for Southwick. We had our first full gate of 40 women at a WMX national! It was such a great way to end the season and I have always wanted to know how I would do with a legitimate full gate of women. I hope that even though it was not pointed out how much more successful the WMX turnout and talent was this year, that it did not go unnoticed by all and those in power to help keep the WMX going. I have seen evidence that the women do bring spectators and interest to the races. I have talked to spectators at the races that have said that they came just to watch us race, look forward to it the most or said it was the best racing all day. It was also great to see how many people stuck around at Southwick to watch the last moto of the day as the rain came pouring down on us.  Thank you to everyone that supported the women this year; it is what keeps us going!
Now on to how I did at the last race ever at Southwick. I must say that I will miss this track so much; it is such a fun place to ride and is definitely worth the trip rain or shine. I had my best race here and I am so glad, because it was the one race that I was looking forward to the most.
Our schedule makes for a really long day. We are always first to practice at 8:15 in the morning, our 2nd practice is after the men are done qualifying, our first moto is at intermission and last moto is around 6 pm to make the last moto of the day. In my opinion it was the perfect schedule at Southwick for me. We got to ride on the perfectly groomed track that had the perfect moisture from the rain all week and it was prime to keep it pinned all the way around the track. It also started pouring rain as soon as our lovely  30 second board man got done shaking his hips and turned the board sideways. It rained for almost half of our moto, but I was enjoying every second of it (it helped that I had an awesome start around 4th place, so I was in the front of the pack). It just made it so much more interesting and fun with the rain and made me feel like a little kid playing with all of your friends in a giant sandbox as it is pouring rain, not caring just how much dirt you are covered in. My results were back to my old self and I was as consistent as I use to be. I finished 13-13 with 13th overall. I was so glad to not have any problems all day long, I didn’t wreck, get taken out, did pull my shoulder out for once and my bike staying together. I ended up 12th in the series, which was awesome since I had some bad luck and didn’t do the best at the first two rounds, but at the same time is just enough to annoy me. I have placed 11 three years in a row and had earned 11 as a permanent number, so to be one position off was a bummer for me, but I’ll take it!
Now on to something that everyone can excited about. We are releasing the 2014 Fly Racing line this week! I can’t wait for everyone to see all of the hard work that we have put in at Fly Racing and hope everyone enjoys it. So what are you waiting for, go to the website now and check it out! Also watch for the gear on our guys at RED BUUUUUUD!!!