Ricky Russell GNCC Round 5 Race Report

May 15, 2014 - 5:15 PM

Rider: Ricky Russell

Team: Raines Riding University/Atlas Yamaha/Offroad Viking

Race: GNCC Rnd 5 Lorretta Lynn’s

Result: 2nd

Sunday was the first time I’ve ever got to experience the hilly terrain at the very popular Lorretta Lynn’s ranch. We ended up getting a few watering sessions the hour leading up to the start of our race. However the monsoons slightly over watered, leaving us with a very slippery much more technical course.

I had an alright jump off the start with my bike starting first kick but as we went into the second corner people started sliding out on the slippery ice like surface. There was a chain reaction of people crashing and I ended up in the middle of it. After the carnage cleared I was second from last to get going and thats when I realized it was going to be one of those days. With the muddy conditions it was hard to get around people without getting roosted so I lost my goggles pretty quick but, as the laps turned over I slowly worked my way back up.

Before I knew it I was running second and could see the leader up ahead who happened to be Grant Baylor. I caught up to his back tire and began to apply as much pressure as I could. However, this didn’t last long with me making a slight mistake laying it down in a slippery corner. After regrouping, Grant had gotten a decent gap and I could no longer see him. From there I rode alone for a while and couldn’t really get my flow going. With two laps to go I began to push harder and harder but it seemed like I couldn’t keep myself from making stupid mistakes and having a few too many crashes. I put together a solid last lap to cut the gap Grant had on me but by then it was just too late. With the terrible start combined with way too many mistakes I was happy to get back up on the podium for 2nd and not lose too many championship points.

I would like to thank all of my sponsors Raines Riding University, Atlas Yamaha, Offroad Viking, Yamaha Motor USA, GYTR, Yamalube, Fly Racing, Kenda Tires, FTDs, Scott Goggles, FMF, Enduro Engineering, Gaerne, AmPro Yamaha, Weisco Pistons, Stickman Graphx, Fasst Company, IMS Products, DP Brakes, Rekluse, Unabiker, Factory Connection Suspension, Pod Mx, GPR Stabilizers, TM Designs, Mad man cleaning solutions, SXS Slideplates, Gasper Engineering, EBC Brake rotors, and WPS.