September 17, 2013 - 4:40 PM

WORCS racers were treated to a great weekend for racing, and the Honey Lake Motocross venue proved to be a favorite of many of the racers that made the trip to northern California. While the race was held at a motocross track, it was one of the more extreme off-road courses of the year with very little moto racing. The majority of it was up on the hill side in the trees with plenty of rocks to challenge the racers, and two pro sections were added for the main with a dry waterfall downhill section along with a rhythm section without any rhythm along pro row.
For Gary Sutherlin, this was one of his favorite race tracks of the year. “This is the best WORCS course we have had. I like this kind of stuff and I wish there was more of it,” mentioned Sutherland after the race.
Gary Sutherlin secured his fourth podium finish of the season and first WORCS pro win after an impressive run at Honey Lake. Sutherlin got off to a great start and made the pass on the Justin Jones early on in the lap. Sutherlin held the lead till the midway point of the race when he was passed by Robby Bell during his pit stop.
“Jones actually pulled the holeshot, and I got him right off the bat on the moto track. I knew it would be crucial to get out front because there was a little bit of dust. When we pitted, Robby passed me, but I regained the lead when he went down. I didn’t really have any pressure after that so it was kind of nice,” said Sutherlin after his race.
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