Kyle Warner is living the life.  Traveling, racing, meeting new people and have insane experiences the rest of us 9-5 desk jockeys wish we had.

Below is a firsthand experience from Kyle about his last few weeks.

"First off I went down to the Interbike Outdoor Demo to lead a few group E-MTB rides for Shimano along with Hans Rey. The group rides were awesome and we were able to fill up all 10 spots both days. We just went out for a 1.5 hour ride and showed everyone how fun and capable the modern Ebikes are to ride. It was all smiles...

"Back in April 2018, dropping my 2016 line in the rain and the wind without medical support or wind flags. Riding that zone pretty much by yourself is very not recommended. I had only a total of two hours to 2 my two runs and practice. This is the first out of 2 top to bottom I did. I managed to try every bottomed jump once before. I felt super comfortable despite the gnarly condition. My speed was good, and the timing for the jumps/landing went very smooth. I wish I had more time down there to land a few...

FLY Racing wants to congratulate Kyle Warner after his win in Oaxaca, Mexico in the Mexican National Enduro Series.

Here is a recap from Warner on his trip that almost ended prematurely.

"Hey guys, 

I just got done with an awesome trip down to Oaxaca, Mexico for the third round of the Mexican National Enduro series. 

A few weeks back I reached out to the crew at (a guiding company based in Mexico City) about the possibility of coming down for the Oaxaca race on cinco de mayo and checking out the riding scene. The guys responded with a hell yeah, and tickets were...

Round 3 of the Underground ATVMX series saw drastic weather with pouring rain the night before and Texas hot temperatures that next morning. It didn’t stop FLY Racing athlete Chad Wienen from earning his second win of the series after a wild day of racing. FLY Racing athletes swept the podium with Joel Hetrick coming in 2nd and Jeffrey Rastrelli earning 3rd.

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