Photo by Tanner Yeager

Congratulations to Colton Haaker and Steward Baylor Jr., for clinching their respective 2018 championship titles.  Haaker narrowly edged out rival Cody Webb by only four points to win the Endurocross Championship after the final race in Nampa, Idaho.

Haaker's EnduroCross victory is his second AMA championship. 

Photo by Tanner Yeager

“This whole season it’s been Cody (Webb) and I going back-and-forth, back-and-forth and the championship really came down to a few key moments, like the halfway point in the season when we’re tied, and I knew what we had to...

Congratulations to FLY Racing athlete Josh Strang for clinching the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Championship  

After a grueling two days of racing at the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Glen Daniel, West Virginia, Strang was able to clinch the championship after winning four tests on Saturday and placing 2nd overall on Sunday.

“It feels great to win the title, especially as good as Stew was riding on Sunday,” added Strang. “I did what I had to do on Saturday and the rest took care of itself.”

Photos provided by Darrin Chapman

Kyle Warner is living the life.  Traveling, racing, meeting new people and have insane experiences the rest of us 9-5 desk jockeys wish we had.

Below is a firsthand experience from Kyle about his last few weeks.

"First off I went down to the Interbike Outdoor Demo to lead a few group E-MTB rides for Shimano along with Hans Rey. The group rides were awesome and we were able to fill up all 10 spots both days. We just went out for a 1.5 hour ride and showed everyone how fun and capable the modern Ebikes are to ride. It was all smiles...