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Barricade Lite Elbow Guards

Black $59.95 (#28-3086)

  • Fly Racing’s HDM (High Density Memory) protectors are made of a special blend viscoelastic foam with memory function allowing for repeat impacts. 
  • Soft, lightweight and low profile to ensure performance and comfort, even on long days pedaling in the saddle. 
  • Strategically placed ventilation holes help flow cooler air into and through the pads 
  • 4 way stretch mesh panels at the rear help in giving a great fit and allowing hot air to escape keeping the pad feeling cooler. 
  • Extended upper cuffs help to keep the pads slipping down during use 
  • Hidden stitching of the protector to the fabrics, protects it from fraying and being caught and torn in a crash, adding to the durability. 
  • Internal silicon gripper bands are used at the upper and lower opening of the pad

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