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Double Button $119.95 (#18-911)


Our single button Fly Racing Holeshot Device All new for 2011 offering better mounting to the plastic fork guard with everyday common tools.  The elongated groove is flawless in all types of conditions including mud.  No aiming and hoping the pin locks into the ring like the competitor's systems, just compress the forks push the pin and it is locked in.


The double button system, which is an industry first, allows you a choice of settings for different conditions. The upper button is perfect for dry or concrete starts while the lower button is suited for tacky conditions.  The double system allows you a choice without changing fork guards.  As starting line conditions change throughout the day and from track to track, the Fly Racing Double Button has you covered.  Very cool design and man, does it work while still maintaining the same cost as the competitor's single button system. 

  • Large ring groove allows for easy connection and mud build up is no hassle
  • Machined lip ensures base stays in place on fork guard
  • Large stainless screws keep button on plastic guard
  • Rebuildable design for long lasting performance
  • Aluminum pin and stainless steel spring resist rusting for continued smooth action
  • Single Button

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