Focused Athlete: Payton Ridenour

Focused Athlete: Payton Ridenour

Mar 22nd 2024

AGE: 21 years old

HOMETOWN: Pottstown, PA but now living in Tulsa, OK

TEAM: Mongoose, FLY Racing, WD-40, Shimano

RACE #: #15

SERIES COMPETING: USA BMX National Series and the UCI BMX World Cup Series

HOBBIES: Spending time with my beagle Rocket and mini dachshund Turbo. I also love to read!

FAVORITE TRACK/COURSE OR PLACE TO RIDE: Big hill: Tulsa, OK, Small hill: Egg Harbor, NJ

WHAT AGE DID YOU START RIDING / HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? My dad used to race BMX when he was younger. One day when I was 5-years-old, he took me to our local track and I’ve been riding ever since! It’s always been something my dad and I have done together and it’s been so awesome to have that shape my BMX career.

WORD OF ADVICE TO ANYONE WANTING TO RIDE: BMX can be a tricky sport to get into because it’s not the typical sport. So my best advice would be to just go out there and some have fun! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from another rider or try something new. One of my favorite parts about BMX is how it’s ever-changing and there’s always something new to learn.

HOW IT IS TO BE A PART OF THE FLY FAMILY: Being a part of the FLY family has been awesome!! I’ve worn FLY gear for as long as I can remember. Personally, I love the Formula helmet. The protection is second to none and I’m really thankful to have technology as good as FLY’s to keep me safe!


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